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The Speakers’ Hub is your one-stop library to find guidance, resources and tips you need to know to develop your speaking skills, grow your business and polish up on your existing skills.

We have curated insights on a wide variety of different topics from the thrilling experience of stagecraft, magic and presentation skills to the not-so-thrilling world of contracts and finance. These tips are in short videos from the UK and Ireland’s leading experts in the world of professional speaking, with resources from global speakers under development.

The Hub is broken up into three areas:

  • Speak More – this series of videos aims to help you focus on your sales, marketing and protecting yourself and your business legally and financially
  • Speak Better – this series of videos aims to help you get prepared, create your content, develop or brush up on your live delivery and camera skills.
  • Speak Stronger – this series of videos is aimed at advanced speakers to help them gain insights and ideas from some of the industry elites to further develop their brand.

However, all areas of the hub are available to you.  Whatever your background, current experience and skills, you will find videos which are free to watch – and resources to download as you please.

Whatever challenge you have in your business, you won’t be far from finding a solution or having a new light bulb moment.

The Hub is a resource curated by speakers, populated by the expertise of speakers, and designed to be used by and help speakers.  The Speakers’ Hub was developed independently of the Professional Speaking Association. However, we recommend that if you are an aspiring professional speaker or an established professional speaker who wants to be the best in your industry and in the speaking profession, you join the PSA to network, continue to learn how to speak more and speak better.

Have fun getting started and we wish you the best of luck in making professional speaking part of your life.

If you believe that any of the content in this Hub breaches your intellectual property, please let us know immediately.